Local Attractions

The Royal Country Inn is the ideal place from which to explore the Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer War (South African War) battlefields, and is also in close proximity to the Drakensberg and the Itala Game Reserve.

Impati Mountain

Dundee Attractions

Attractions in and about the town of Dundee include:

  • a fine 18 hole golf course
  • tennis / squash courts
  • bowling greens
  • water sports
  • the Moth Shell hole
  • an excellent Museum at Talana
  • and Zulu cultural experiences are also on offer in the area.

Other attractions in the surrounding area

The following are but a few in the endless list of things to do and see:

  • The Battle of Blood River Heritage Site and the Ncome Museum; Isandlwana Battlefield; Rorke’s Drift Museum and the site of the death of the Prince Imperial of France.
  • You can also view San Bushmen paintings, Iron Age smelting sites, and enjoy a range of eco-tourism experiences such as numerous hiking trails and horse trails, bird watching, photographic safaris, mountain biking, abseiling and white water rafting.
  • There are also many game reserves in the area such as the Weenen Game Reserve, the Spioenkop Nature Reserve, the Chelmsford Nature Reserve and Wagendrift Nature Reserve, among others.
  • At Hattingspruit is the Tom Worthington Dam where you will find the Farmer’s Brewery that brews traditional home-brewed German and Austrian beers.
  • Accredited Battlefields Tour guides are also available and can be arranged by the hotel.

Battle of Isandlwana